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IIOM 2019 International Conference and Exhibition June 2019- London - UK. Principal Sponsor Winslow

Winslow Adaptics are the Principal Sponsor for the IIOM 2019 Obsolescence Management Conference & Exhibition. Winslow will also be exhibiting and presenting at the event where they will share their 30-years expertise of providing high quality obsolescence adapter & emulation-based solutions.

Teri- Ann Winslow the CEO & Managing Director of Winslow Adaptics has a long and rich history with IIOM, dating back over 18 years when the organisation was called COG (The Component Obsolescence Group). During that time period Winslow have delivered advice and solutions that has helped their customers overcome obsolescence and component shortage challenges.

Teri-Ann said “The key to our success is the in-depth knowledge we have of our customers’ requirements and the combined 50 years plus of engineering experience within our organisation. Our recent re-branding of Winslow Adaptics and our updated website demonstrate our commitment to the market place that we have served for such a long period of time. Quite simply our strategy is to become the go-to company when a customer has a problem to solve”.

Winslow’s Technical Development Manager will also present at the conference and will examine the “Common Strategic Failures and the Factors which contribute to measuring the Return on Investment”. Alan’s background as an Obsolescence Manager with Augusta Westland gives him first-hand knowledge of the obsolescence challenges faced by defence-based OEM’s.

For more information about Winslow Adaptics please visit their website and feel free to contact the Winslow team before, during or after the conference.


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