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The PSE Associate Network

An array of talent, expertise and influencers available to suppport your business

Jamie Knight - FCMI
Managing Director - Founder & Owner of PSE Strategic Consultants


Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management

Over 25 years industry experience in the High Reliabilty and demanding Aerospace Electronics Industry. Managing Strategy, Sales, Operations, Consolidation, Acquisition and Value Creation whilst holding Senior Executive postions in technology lead organisations.





Expert business consulting advice.

The PSE Associate Network embraces a culture of co-operation and collaboration to the mutual benefit and our clients, customers and partners.

The Network enables PSE to offer the widest range of services possible in terms of semiconductor expertise and general business services.

Our full range of business services includes expertise and training in Six Sigma, Lean, Internal Communications, Social Media, Marketing, R & D Tax Credit and R & D Funding, Smart Conference Apps, Languages for business and much more.

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