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SignaKey - Client Introduction


Integrated Circuits

Provides secure, item level track and trace after authentication, through the entire supply chain

An unambiguously unique and highly encrypted SignaKey can be marked onto the surface of a full spectrum of component materials including plastic, metallic and ceramic. The components can be flat, cylindrical, hemispherical or combinations of those and can be decoded in the field with webcams or smartphones in seconds.

e Tamper-Evident Seals

When evidence or product cannot be changed or contaminated the SignaKey tampered evident seal provides secure Chain-of-Custody.

An encrypted SignaKey, digitally printed onto a standard Polyester Tamper-evident label leaves a visual footprint with the word VOID when the label is removed and provides an e Chain of Custody seal to any pouch or package. Reading the Signakey, both upon shipment and receipt, records in real-time the date/time/ID and IP information, as well as both geospatial locations.

Medical Instruments

SignaKey marks remain readable through hundreds of sterilization cycles.

Hospital-acquired infections resulted in almost 100,000 deaths in 2009 in the US. Hospitals employ re-usable medical instruments in the O/R that are cleaned and sterilized after each surgery. Infections have been tracked to certain instrument types. The FDA now requires all instruments be marked with a Unique Identifier. SignaKey has the only technology capable of marking every instrument.

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