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Business / IP for sale

A fabless semiconductor start up is looking for investment or a buy out. The company in question has developed a product line which is geared towards energy harvesting and the internet of things. Their first product is in the market place which is a 3-5 Volt Power Management System on a Chip which was designed specifically for the growing needs for cost effective energy harvesting across USB, Mains and Solar panel. Follow up products include higher voltage variants and Piezo electric. For more information contact

Funding Required

TraceWave GmbH is a high-tech startup, based in Berlin. The company was founded in November 2013 by Corné van Puijenbroek and Karin Nowarra-Nadolny.

Corné has 30 years of experience in wireless design and was CTO of several startup companies. He also authored 12 patents and is a serial entrepreneur. Karin has 30 years of experience in the movie industry. She worked as film-editor and line producer and has won several awards. The TraceWave team currently consist of 6 people.

TraceWave has developed a new technology for indoor location without any infrastructure. Our radio nodes measure distance and direction between them. This works both indoors and outdoors, with only two nodes but also with multiple nodes.  This is a completely new concept, called relative location. If there are more than two nodes, they will work together and create a mesh network. If one or more nodes is fixed and has known coordinates than all nodes can deduce their own coordinates, this is called absolute location. If one or more nodes has GPS coordinates, all nodes can deduce their own GPS coordinates from that, even when they are inside a building. This is called geo-location. So, our technology can provide indoor-GPS functionality. For more information contact