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Our Expertise

PSE has over 30 years experience in Business Management and Leadership - we have hands on experience of Rapid Expansion, Business Integration, Consolidation, Technology Investment, Market Expansion, Brand Enhancement, Health & Safety, Legislation Changes, Demand Creation, Acquisitions.....................................
Strategic Planning

Fundamental to the success of any business or division is a well thought out and executed strategy - words are easy, action, follow up and adjustment drive the outcome.


Strategy is the fundamental building block for success - PSE is hugely experienced in creating strategies for success - defensive and offensive.



Value Creation

Value Creation Planning defines the actions and tasks required to assist in the controlled management of sustainable growth.


Guided by the use of Management Tools such as SWOT & TOWS analysis the VCP is geared towards key employee participation and Senior Management commitment.



Demand Creation

Global expansion is now a must for most businesses. PSE understand this can be challenging and can assist in planning marketing and sales activity - from simple market demographics to Global Sales strategy PSE has first hand experience and understands what will work for your business.


PSE has vast knowledge of what makes an operation tick, tacit knowledge, small batch, high volume, technical content, repeatability, manual, automated all play a role in operational efficiency. Our expertise will help you get the best performance from your dedicated team and will generate greater efficiency and output.

Change Management

Change is required in most organisations at some point in their development process. It can also be one of the most difficult and emotive issues in a long established organisation.


PSE can help with the smooth transition when the Status Quo needs to be challenged and or refined.



Corporate Development

Brand loyalty and recognition can be fundamental to the long term success of your business. PSE can advise on design, awareness and promotion techniques to facilitate an increased virtual presence in the market place.

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